MARCH 24 &  MARCH 25, 2018

We’re having our Spring Open House/Kiln Opening on Sat, March 24th, from 11-8 and Sun, March 25th, from 11 – 4. The gas kiln door will be opened Saturday night at 6:30.

Our guest potters will be Joe Frank McKee, ( from Dillsboro, NC and Mindy and Tony Winchester ( from Persia, IA.

Music will be provided by Mike Shope (

Joe Frank will be doing horsehair and fuming raku demonstrations.

Tony, along with Mike will be doing throwing demonstrations.

Mindy will be demonstrating her wonderful slip trailing decorations.

Ducky, our black Lab, will be demonstrating his cuteness.

Refreshments will be served.

Winchester, McKee and Baum pots will be raffled to three lucky winners.

Joe Frank, Mindy and Tony create pottery that will be of interest to the horse lover/owner community. Mindy and Tony make beautiful pots decorated with horse and other animal motifs. Joe Frank decorates his beautiful pottery with horsehair (or any kind of hair & feathers.) Bring 12" strands (about 24) from you horses' tail or main and decorate a pot that you can take home with you.

You’ll see different ways of making, decorating and firing pottery, you will have an opportunity to talk to Joe Frank, Mindy, Tony, Mike and Karen, watch them create, decorate and fire pottery, and buy their work.

Hope to see you.